Mini Mexican   Sombreros
Great colours, made from velvet, decorated with braid and sequins. Perfect for wall decoration. Many customers have bought them for their chihuahuas!
Mini sombreros measure 15.5cm across brim. Colours available...Black, Dark green, Red, Pink & Turquoise blue .
$6.00 each plus postage
Finest quality adult Charro Sombreros,  made in Mexico from quality velvet and heavily decorated with sequins and silver or gold braiding.
The large Brim measures 60cm across. Head circumference to 58cm.  Standard hat is only $65.00 and  $85.00 for the more fancy .
Colours range from Pink, Turquoise, Red, Royal blue, Burgundy and many colours in between.

Mini Sombrero
Just as gorgeous as the full sized ones!
Made from velvet and sequins and multi colour trimmings.
Measureing 15cm across they are perfect for your little doggie (yes I sold some to a lady for her parrots!) Lots of colours...bright pink, turquoise, royal blue, black, red, purple & dark green